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Unwound: 1991-2091

Unwound: 1991-2091

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[Olympia] [Indie] [Genius]

Unwound: 1991-2091

Numero, Chicago, 2023. First Edition.



From the publisher:

[T]o commemorate Unwound’s 2023 reunion we’ve compiled a 252-page, clothbound tome covering their first eleven years as a band. In addition to over 100 photographs and ephemeral miscellany, David Wilcox’s extensive liner notes have been re-edited and expanded into a cohesive narrative, with an illuminating recent conversation with Sara Lund and Justin Trosper to bring greater context to their 20 year hiatus and reconciliation. 


An astonishing document of one of the best to ever do it. RIP Vern Rumsey.

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