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There is a Graveyard That Dwells in Man [Compiled by David Tibet]

There is a Graveyard That Dwells in Man [Compiled by David Tibet]

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[93 Current] [Decadent Weirdos] [Macabre]

There is a Graveyard that Dwells in Man

Editor, David Tibet

Strange Attractor, England, 2020. First edition. Octavo.

Very fine, with only the slightest discoloration on the rear cover.

From the publisher: “An arcane compendium of strange fiction and hallucinatory tales, There Is a Graveyard That Dwells in Man collects chilling stories by renowned innovators of the weird and by many little-known and underrepresented or forgotten scribes of the macabre.”

If you’re not familiar with the work of David Tibet and Current 93, get started with “Thunder Perfect Mind” and then report back here. This brilliant collection of eccentric and esoteric fiction is a testament to his quality as an editor, as well as the obscure dukes, counts and other reprobates whose works are compiled within. Decadent, wildly imaginative, and full of stirring imagery. Highly recommended.

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