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The Pepsi-Cola Addict [June-Alison Gibbons]

The Pepsi-Cola Addict [June-Alison Gibbons]

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[Outsider Art] [Pepsi] [David Tibet]

The Pepsi-Cola Addict

June-Alison Gibbons

Cashens Gap, England, 2022. Special Edition, limited to 293. Octavo.

Like new, in shrink. Contains inserts.


From the publisher: “"He walked into the turbulent super market. There were people everywhere. His eyes swept over the shelves and stabilised on a large stack of Pepsi-colas. He could almost experience the cool fizzy liquid descending his parched throat."

Written by June-Alison Gibbons when she was only 16, The Pepsi Cola Addict is considered one of the great works of twentieth-century outsider literature. More than just a literary curiosity, however, this tale of a teenager whose passion for a well-known cola drink threatens to ruin his life is the uniquely vivid expression of a young woman trying to make sense of the confusing, often brutal world she in which found herself.”

Shockingly beautiful, with an incredible story behind it. I highly recommend the film “The Silent Twins” to get an idea of how insane it is that this work is even available today, let alone published in a stunningly beautiful edition by David Tibet of Current 93. MIT press have released a mass market version of this work, but this definitive edition is a must. Stunning!

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