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The Loom of Ruin [Sam McPheeters]

The Loom of Ruin [Sam McPheeters]

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[Born Against] [Punk lit] [McPheeters]

The Loom of Ruin

Sam McPheeters

Mugger Books, California, 2012. First Edition. Octavo.

In excellent condition; a miniscule amount of soiling on the rear cover, remnants of a price tag. Very fine.

From the publisher: “Trang Yang is an angry, angry, angry man, neurologically incapable of any emotion but rage. He's also L.A.'s most successful gas station franchise owner. But no one can quite seem to figure out what makes him tick. Not the LAPD, who have long since granted him full immunity. Not his boss, who scrutinizes him with covert psychologists. Not the corporate spies who infiltrate his stations. And certainly not the encroaching FBI, who know only that Trang is involved in something big and dangerous and that time is running out.”


Picture “Falling Down”, but written by a punk and funnier by a longshot. McPheeters legacy was solidified with the discography of Born Against!, but that didn’t stop him; Wrangler Brutes, Men’s Recovery Project, the veritable Vermiform Records…he did not need to write an extraordinarily funny novel, but congratulations to him on this victory lap. This is one of those rare books you will actually “laugh out loud” as you read. Highly recommended.

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