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Someone Who Isn’t Me [Geoff Rickley]

Someone Who Isn’t Me [Geoff Rickley]

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[Thursday (the band)] [Psychedelic Therapy [Internal Travelogue]

Someone Who Isn’t Me

Geoff Rickley

Rose Books. Arizona, 2023. First Edition.

Like new.


Geoff Rickley (singer of seminal emo-hardcore band Thursday) was the inaugural release for Rose Books, and incredibly, manages to exceed all expectations. This book loosely fictionalizes Geoff’s struggles with opiate addiction, and his eventual release from its grasp after taking the heavy hallucinogen Ibogaine and undergoing a spiritual rebirth. While this subject matter can fall into New Age territory pretty quickly, he does a shockingly good job describing the circumstances that led up to his attempt to clear his head; the effects of the drug itself, and the aftermath. Extremely good, and already getting tricky to find.

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