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Sidetripping [Charles Gatewood & William S. Burroughs]

Sidetripping [Charles Gatewood & William S. Burroughs]

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[Grotesque] [Underground] [Hippies]


Charles Gatewood & William S. Burroughs

Last Gasp, San Francisco, 2001. First Last Gasp Edition.

Pristine, like new.


From the publisher: “A firsthand account of '60s and '70s counterculture seen through the eyes of pioneering photographer Charles Gatewood and legendary scribe William S. Burroughs. Chronicling the grotesque, surreal, and liberated American underground, Gatewood and Burroughs created a lasting, disturbing, and engaging portrait of this tumultuous period in American culture.”

Awesome stuff here; great writing by both Burroughs and Gatewood accompanied by some fantastic photography. Truly captures how twisted and dark the 60s and 70s would turn out. An ode to the immortal, grotesque underworld of the good ole US of A.

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