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New Age: Stonehenge to Jungle [Toby Mott]

New Age: Stonehenge to Jungle [Toby Mott]

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[Raver Culture] [PLUR] [Graphic Design]

New Age: Stonehenge to Jungle

Toby Mott

Corina Manu, Dashwood Books, Cultural Traffic, London, 2022. First Edition of 1300.

Like new.


From the publisher: “New Age: Stonehenge to Jungle” is a comprehensive collection of iconic UK rave, jungle, sound system and warehouse party flyers dating from the early 1973s to 2000.”

Almost 600 incredible fliers here; this book is absolutely essential if you’re at all interested in this pivotal period of graphic design. Massive (12x8) layout does the material justice; beautiful print jobs, interviews with iconic graphic designers, this is the kind of book I get excited about holding. If you care at all about rave/jungle/dub, step lively.

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