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Missed, Better Still [Peter Sotos]

Missed, Better Still [Peter Sotos]

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[Sotos] [Transgressive lit] [Crime Life]

Missed. Better Still.

Peter Sotos

Amphetamine Sulphate and Nine-Banded Books, Texas/West Virginia, 2022. First Edition. Quarto.

Like new.


From the publisher: “Peter Sotos’ Missed. Better Still. is neither an anthology nor a collage, but a conceptually trained arrangement of previously published texts selected and sequenced by the author.”


Missed. Better Still. is a compilation of works across Sotos’ career, arrayed in such a manner as to layer the horror, piece on piece. If you’re familiar, you know what you’re getting into. Brutal true crime explorations. Plainspoken brutality. Nightmare dialogues. There’s a reason Sotos’ work continues to sell out instantly, and it’s simply that no one else is willing to go as far for their work as him. An excellent primer beautifully laid out.

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