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Hunchback '88 [Christopher Norris]

Hunchback '88 [Christopher Norris]

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[Combat Wounded Veteran] [Hauntology] [Intense]

Hunchback ‘88

Christopher Norris

Inside the Castle, Kansas, 2021. Second edition. Octavo.

Like new, no issues to speak of.


Christopher Norris spins an incomprehensible tale of surrealistic horror in Hunchback ’88. Featuring contributions from a laundry list of illustrators and writers, Hunchback ’88 is not so much a horror novel as a haunted object in and of itself. Utterly bizarre, with no clear narrative threads beyond the presence of the work itself, Norris spins a tale somewhere between hypertextual slasher flick and “House of Leaves”, yet above and beyond all of that. Just check it out, it lives up to the hype.

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