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Destroy Everything You Touch [Audrey Szasz; Photography by Karolina Urbaniak]

Destroy Everything You Touch [Audrey Szasz; Photography by Karolina Urbaniak]

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[Transgression] [Infinity Land] [New Moral Panic]

Destroy Everything You Touch

Audrey Szasz with photography by Karolina Urbaniak

Infinity Land, England, 2022. First edition. Wire-bound octavo.

Like new; wire-binding is intact.

From the publisher: “This nineteenth-century chateau set in the Swiss countryside within convenient range of the Gstaad slopes also boasts one of the largest private collections of sadomasochistic pornography in the entire canton of Bern. Most of the items I have been invited to view consist of image after image and scene after scene of young women being completely objectified (in terms of their appearance and anatomy), verbally abused, psychologically manipulated and cruelly degraded by older men (and sometimes women) before ultimately being beaten, raped, decapitated and dismembered (although not necessarily in that order).”

At this point you’re either sold on this or not. Audrey Szasz is a stunning writer – her frenetic style oscillates between explorations of the darkest edges of the psyche and stunning banality. This very brief (48 pp.) work serves as a potent distillation of her themes; the banality of sexual violence; the imperviousness of the highest echelons of society; and the sadomasochist current at the current moment. Harrowing and grotesque, sure to stick to the base of your skull.

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