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CCRU: Writing 1997-2003 [CCRU]

CCRU: Writing 1997-2003 [CCRU]

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[Techgnosis] [Nick Land] [Accelerationism]

CCRU: Writings 1997-2003


Urbanomic, England, 2020. Third Edition. Octavo.

Like new. Small crease on bottom left of front cover. Stunning green paperback.

From the publisher: “Meshing together fiction, number theory, voodoo, philosophy, anthropology, palate tectonics, information science, semiotics, geotraumatics, occultism, and other nameless knowledges, in these pages the incomplete evidence gathered by explorers including Burroughs, Blavatsky, Lovecraft, Jung, Barker, J.G. Ballard, William Gibson, and Octavia Butler, but also the testimony of more obscure luminaries such as Echidna Stillwell, Oskar Sarkon, and Madame Centauri, are clarified and subjected to systematic investigation, comparison, and assessment so as to gauge the real stakes of the Time-War still raging behind the collapsing façade of reality.”

Stunning material. CCRU, the shady collective of pulp worshipping cybergoths formed circa 1995, loosely based out of Warwick Uni, England, present here a collection of writing that exists somewhere in the void between science fiction and reality, Lovecraftian cyberpunk invocations of an accelerationist future. Unnerving, oddly prescient, and sure to linger long in your mind (until your mind is uploaded to a HyperCube to be tormented by a rampant AI who feeds off the epiphenomena of human suffering.) Pairs nicely with Harlan Ellison.

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