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Blade Runner, A Movie [William S. Burroughs]

Blade Runner, A Movie [William S. Burroughs]

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[Blade Runner] [But Not the One You’re Thinking Of] [Burroughs]

Blade Runner, A Movie

William S. Burroughs

Blue Wind Press, Berkeley, 1990. Papeback.

Slight edgewear, and age-appropriate yellowing. Very good.


Buh, Wuh?? I thought Blade Runner was a Philip K Dick Book?


Gentle reader, you are wrong. The PKD adaptation is based on his story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? However, predating the film was a book.  A book by Alan Nourse titled, “The Bladerunner”. A cool sci-fi book that was endlessly homage but never given it’s own due. Elements of this book made it into the film, however this Burroughs book is a cinematic treatment of the Nourse book….wow.


Anyway, the short story is this book is a quick read, fun, and a very cool story about rogue organ donors. Cool looking edition - can’t lose. Step to it!

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