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Beowulf and Other Old English Poems [Constance B. Hieatt, Translator.]

Beowulf and Other Old English Poems [Constance B. Hieatt, Translator.]

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[Olde English] [Beowulf] [Pagan Poetry]

Beowulf and Other Old English Poems

Constance B. Hieatt, Translator

Bantam Books, New York, 1988. Second printing of Bantam Revised Classics Edition.

Cover is a bit rubbed, creasing, half inch tear along lower front cover; interior is well intact, a reader’s copy, good.


From the publisher:Unique and beautiful, Beowulf brings to life a society of violence and honor, fierce warriors and bloody battles, deadly monsters and famous swords. Written by an unknown poet in about the eighth century, this masterpiece of Anglo-Saxton literature transforms legends, myth, history, and ancient songs into the richly colored tale of the hero Beowulf, the loathsome man-eater Grendel, his vengeful water-hag mother, and a treasure-hoarding dragon. The earliest surviving epic poem in any modern European language. Beowulf is a stirring portrait of a heroic world–somber, vast, and magnificent.”

Beyond Beowulf, this edition also includes the moody and hallucinatory “The Dream of the Rood”, the utterly beautiful lament of “The Wanderer”, and other works such as “Deor”, Caedmon’s Hymn”, “The Battle of Brunnaburh”, “The Battle of Maldon”, The Seafarer”, “Judith”, and “The Fight at Finnsburh.” Gorgeous Pagan poetry of a world long gone.

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