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Bathory: Stories from Bathory.SE

Bathory: Stories from Bathory.SE

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[Bathory] [Quorthon] [Forums]

Bathory: Stories from Bathory.SE

The Hordes

Arrived with some scuffing to the front and rear cover.


From The Hordes: “This fanzine was built from a printout saved of the texts from the defunct BATHORY.SE website sometime in 2002/3. Alongside some texts from the “In Memory of Quorthon” box set booklet. We wonder if Quorthon wrote further chapters unpublished before his untimely death.”


A badass, often times hilarious compilation of Quorthon’s writing from his old website. A passion project zine with a great layout. Incredible insights into the band’s history from Quorthon himself. Buy or pose.

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