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Assembling a Black Counter Culture [DeForrest Brown, Jr.]

Assembling a Black Counter Culture [DeForrest Brown, Jr.]

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[Origins of Techno] [Afrofuturism] [Sonic Weaponry]

Assembling a Black Counter Culture

DeForrest Brown, Jr.

Primary Information, New York, 2022. First edition. Octavo. Paperback.

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From the publisher: “DeForrest Brown, Jr.’s Assembling a Black Counter Culture presents a comprehensive account of techno with a focus on the history of Black experiences in industrialized labor systems—repositioning the genre as a unique form of Black musical and cultural production.”

Beautifully written by an author with not only a comprehensive understanding of the genre, but an insider’s knowledge only available to those who have put in the time creating and participating within the world of Detroit techno. Essential if you’re at all interested in the origins of techno; tracing its history from the clubs of Detroit to its inevitable co-option by the global music industry. Supremely well researched and presented.

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