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The Hanged God: Odin Grimnir [Shani Oates]

The Hanged God: Odin Grimnir [Shani Oates]

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[Seeking Odin] [Lost VVisdom] [Mythopoetics]

The Hanged God: Odinn Grimnir

Shani Oates, illustrations by Chris Undirheimar

Anathema, Canada, 2019. First Paperback Edition. Octavo.

Like new, no concerns to speak of.

From the publisher: “Challenging former atrophied or outdated knowledge regarding Óðinn’s acquisition of the runes and the mead of poetry, this extensive and intense study revisits Hávamál, Vǫluspá, Skáldskaparmál, Grímnismál, Heimskringla and Ynglinga Sagas specifically, to unravel and reconnect crucial factors that collectively reveal a magical formula for rebirth and resurrection.”

A rather scholarly, yet enthralling attempt to historicize the enigmatic figure of Odin. Was he a prophet from the Steppes? A wandering mad man spreading arcane knowledge? The divine magus walking this earth? Shani’s ethnographic poetics will draw you into a world of ice and darkness, of mead and poetry, all while analyzing tantalizing details about the historical figure of Odin Grimnir. Beautifully presented by Anathema, with incredible illustrations from Chris Undirheimar.

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