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The 8 Ball Almanac [The 8 Ball Community]

The 8 Ball Almanac [The 8 Ball Community]

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The 8 Ball Almanac

The 8 Ball Community

Nero Editions, Italy, 2022. First Edition, First Printing. Folio.

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From the publisher: “8-Ball Almanac is a collectively told oral history of 8-Ball Community, an organization of people who seek to nurture a community of art through the creation and maintenance of free and accessible platforms of expression. 8-Ball Almanac acts as both a retrospective of the decade since the community’s accidental conception in a Brooklyn pool hall in 2012 and a guidebook for those who wish to cultivate a community like this one.”

And what a guidebook it is; massive, beautifully printed, showcasing not just the consistently high quality of the art involved but also the personalities and methods of the community. A stunning document presented with the utmost care. Truly necessary if you’re trying to understand what “community” means in the context of artistic production.

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