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Removal Technician [Alex Hubbard, Dain Mains]

Removal Technician [Alex Hubbard, Dain Mains]

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[Mortuary Science] [Morbid] [Disposal]

Removal Technician

Alex Hubbard and Dan Mains

Primary Information, New York, 2014. First edition. Folio.

Like new.


From the publisher: “Alex Hubbard and Dan Mains’ Removal Technician, a compilation of the late-nineties zine of the same name that details their afterschool job at an Oregon funeral home.

Removal Technician features Hubbard and Mains’ writings, drawings, and photographs along with appropriated advertisements, illustrations, and instructions from this hidden industry. While the overall effect is raw, the writing is insightful and adds levity to the difficult reality of people reduced to material remains.”

Incredible material exploring a world most of us would rather keep at arm’s length. Grim and bizarre. Find levity in death!

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